from concept to creation | Custom design & illustration

Do you have a business, commercial, or custom design or illustration need? Whether you own a small business, or are an individual looking for custom and personalized work, Just SO Design is just the right fit for you! I have a wide range of skills and can provide expert guidance and assistance in many design services. Below is a list of services and my hourly rate. 

no matter your Commercial or Custom needs, i'm here to help!

Concept to Creation

• Ink Illustration
• Watercolor


• Product Photography
• Retouching
• Realistic Composite Imaging*


• Logo Design
• Branding
• Labels
• Catalog Layout
• Magazine Layout
• Web UX Design
• Specialty Book Design


I would absolutely love to be a part of helping you achieve your business and personal goals! Please inquire to find out more. Can't wait to hear from you!

Pricing varies by project. Hourly rate ranges between $75-$150/hour depending on project type and depth of need.


*Many of the product shots seen in my work were executed not in a single photograph, but as a composite construction of anywhere from 1 to 10 different images. First the layout is planned, then images are carefully selected, and finally artfully combined into a single image that unites color, perspective, contrast, texture and lighting.